Starting the Day Right

Published on Jul 26, 2020

Perhaps the most effective and simple way to ensure a good day is to start the day well. I’ve found that making just a couple of good moves in the morning makes the rest of the day go well. It almost feels like cheating.

Today I got up early for the weekend, before 7, and immediately did some writing about my goals. Then I finished writing a review of a book I recently finished and loved (Personality Isn’t Permanent). Then I ate a quick breakfast and took a four mile walk. None of those things are really that amazing, but they are all completely aligned with what I’m striving for in life right now: to be more goal-focused, to write and publish more, and to exercise a lot.

By immediately taking a few decisive actions that were aligned with my goals, I started the day with confidence and a sense of optimism and possibility. Then I did things that I didn’t even expect to do. I spent an hour cleaning my place, which is very rare for me. I reached out to a friend I had been meaning to reach out to for a long time. I dealt with renewing my car’s registration, which I had also been putting for a long time. And now I feel that I have earned a relaxing, fun evening hanging out with family. The day has really gone perfectly, and I wasn’t even expecting it.

It started when I first got up this morning. But really, this morning only went well because I had prepared the night before. I had thought about what would make the day great, and planned just the first couple of steps of the next day.

The morning is a pivotal time. It’s an opportunity to seize the day, or to hesitate and let the day pass aimlessly. Spending a few minutes planning the first few actions the night before, and immediately starting on those steps when you get up in the morning is really a pretty easy way to ensure a good day.