Published on Aug 15, 2020

Today I need to do just a quick post. I am gonna be all day outside playing soccer with my friends. I guess I am gonna stay there until the night so there would be no space for writing. I am not sure if there is even wifi. Anyway, I wanna enjoy the day without focusing on my phone so just finish this writing habit now.

My full focus will be on fun. I am very bad at it. Always wandering my thoughts somewhere else. What I am gonna do after, will I be home on time for the television, what about my designs, what about guitar and so on. I simply cannot enjoy the present. The actual moment. Even though I am having a good time a keep worrying about what is gonna be after and that sucks.

It's one of my goals to be more present and just enjoy the now. So let's do some sport today, hang out with friends, and grab some beer. It's going to be an awesome day.

Even though I am pretty beaten up after yesterday's boxing lesson but no more crying. :)

Have a nice weekend.


Stay with me. Efran