Published on Aug 31, 2020

OK, I didn't leave yet. It's just a possibility. I guess it will happen soon but right now I am still here. 

I need to think more about my daily habits. It's a chaos past few weeks. I need to get back on track and pick the ones I enjoy and which moving me forward.

Sure I wanna exercise, play guitar, learn Spanish (I am pushing the Duolingo a lot now, I try to get to higher leagues as a side effect I learn more Spanish, haha). I should find some time for meditating. 

The main focus right now is on Photoshop. Every day I edit my old pictures and try to make some cool designs out of it. I basically do not do anything else.

It was a while since I was excited about something that much. I need to keep the momentum. 

I upload almost everything on Redbubble even though it's not perfect but it's part of the challenge. I would say one of three designs are descent.

Enjoy you Sunday.

The Czech soccer league is back so I spend my evening in front of the tv. I just cannot help myself, haha.


Stay with me. Efran