Spring forward

Published on Oct 3, 2020

Daylight savings time starts this weekend in Victoria. Come Sunday morning the clocks will go forward one hour. I might lose an hour's sleep, but I will get it back in April next year. 

I always forget whether I need to turn my clock forward or back when daylight savings time starts. Typically, you will put your click forward an hour in the spring, that is you "spring forward", and put it back an hour in autumn, that is you "fall back".

With so many of my clocks now self-adjusting, the chore of transitioning in or out of daylight savings has become so much easier.

As daylight savings time is a state decision, not all of the states agreed to do it. The Queenslanders think that daylight savings will time upset the cows and their milking, and the Western Australians think the extra sunlight will fade their curtains. So, instead of having three time zones across Australia, we end up with five at this time of year.

I love daylight savings time. It means that the sun doesn't come up at "crows fart", and we get that extra hour of daylight in the evenings. When the day has been hot, and an evening beach swim beckons, daylight savings time absolutely suits the summer lifestyle.