Spontaneous travels

Published on Sep 17, 2020

Yesterday's evening we decided to go to Oxford. It was a spontaneous decision and we didn't plan much. Checked the weather, bought tickets, added a few marks on the map. That was it, quick one-day trip. The city is amazing - great architecture, cosy and quiet green streets, unique atmosphere. But this text is not about the city.

Spontaneous travels have a special charm. Most of the time we prepare a draft list of places in advance. I'm not talking about an exact itinerary, only a list of places worth to visit and food worth to eat and so on. But the key is "in advance". A feeling of spontaneity changes perception completely. You don't have time to form expectations, only raw information you have about the city. That could be the name of the city, something from pop-culture, pictures from google maps, plus your imagination. The more time you have before the journey, the more you wait for it is and the higher your expectations are.

It wasn't the first time we travelled spontaneously, but I think everyone should do it. It's a perfect way for short travels inside a country you live in. Tickets are available, you don't need visas, insurance, hotel bookings and other stuff. It's easy to do and the only thing you need is to get to a train or bus station, choose a destination and go. 

The internet allows us to do such things without preparation. You can read about your destination on the way there, download maps, find places to go and places to eat. Although it's easy and doesn't require special skill, such way of travelling makes it feel more adventurous. And adventures are what we often need.