Sounds of My World

Published on Oct 13, 2020

Closed my eyes and listened to my world for the next ten minutes. A list of all the sounds - all of them. 

Author’s Note: Written at 5:30am, with the back door open (near my writing desk), and well before the sun has began to join the world.


Stomach gurgling.

High whine noticed from my tinnitus.

Wind dancing in the trees.

Crickets singing.

Frogs chatting with each other.

My old dog, Lilly, panting for a moment.

Another frequency added to the chorus playing in my ears from tinnitus.

Traffic in the distance. A rumble of what may be a truck.

My own breathing. Sometimes quietly from my mouth. Sometimes through my nose, giving away its obvious slight congestion.

Scattered sounds of writing in my notebook.

Lilly first adjusting her paws. Then began to lick them, lapping them kindly.

Subtle sound from a shift in my posture, then leaning back into the chair.

Brief muffle from rubbing an itch behind my ear.

My arthritis crackling as I turned my head to listen.

Deep sigh, born out of a headache getting worse.

Sensitive stomach protesting what I ate earlier. Reminding me to baby it.