Somebody stop me

Published on Nov 12, 2020

I have received a lot of feedback around my last product from 2 years ago. A few people asked me why I am not making a new version especially at times like these where it can be very useful.

For the last year or so, I haven't thought about the product side of my business. I was focused on skills and career building. But I did enjoy the process of making a product from scratch. It felt amazing to see the final product come to life. The best part for me was doing the crowdfunding campaign for the product. Making the video was the best part by far. I have discovered since that I want to get into making videos and movies. That seems to be the easiest and most widely used medium of sharing content.

So last few days, I have gone to and looked at some of the best campaigns. There are so many creative and appealing products out there. The key is marketing. Everyone wants to back a successful campaign so getting the initial rush is key.

I have already worked on the design of the new version. I have an idea for the video and it will not be the first time I am doing this so I expect it to be less difficult.

I am so tempted.
Somebody stop me.