Social impact patronage - my projects

Published on Nov 3, 2020

Since thinking about starting my social impact patronage, I thought I can put together some data about the stuff I had done and the numbers behind each of my 11 tech for good projects.

[Data analytics from start of app till present ~1 Mar to 29 Oct 2020:]

Tools for COVID19

Tools, resources and support for small-medium businesses to tide through COVID-19.

Total users = 784

Sessions = 1.09k

Page views = 1.52k

Majulah Belanja

Collaborated with my migrant worker NGO, COVID Migrant Worker Support Coalition, to create this community requests and offers board to grant wishes to migrant workers.

Total requests and offers = 1800+

Total requests matched = 700+

Visual Aid

Collaborated with a bunch of volunteer designers, illustrators and translators. We made translated visuals to better communicate medical instructions between healthcare professionals and migrant workers.

Total users = 4.22k

Sessions = 5.95k

Page views = 7.58k

Dabao Dash

A community offers and requests board to connect hawkers and small F&B operators with delivery drivers, since many F&B were affected by COVID and had to transit to delivery business model. 

Total users = 9.71k

Sessions = 12.7k

Page views = 18.8k

Grant Hunt

A chatbot and directory to help non-profits and charities discover new grants that they never knew existed, in order to tide them through COVID-induced financial difficulty. I recently got funded by The Majurity Trust for creating a version 2 of the Grant Hunt chatbot.

Total users = 670

Sessions = 933

Page views = 1.1k

Total chatbot users = 141

SG Long-term Care Costs Calculator 

Made this in collaboration with members from, a tech for good volunteer collective. This calculator helps people better estimate the costs of caring for a loved one for the long term. Information like this isn't always readily available.

Sweet Jam Sites COVID19 initiative

Sweet Jam Sites is a commercial web design service that I run, but I wanted to give back, so started this thing where I made free websites for people driving COVID-related causes. The offer also extended to building portfolio websites for creative professionals who were affected by COVID. Made 6 websites to launch so far: - a NGO that does analysis of COVID-related behaviours - a NGO helping migrant workers in Singapore - helped an illustrator build her portfolio site (1 landing page, 2 documentation sites) - my proudest effort for this initiative. Call Home is a 3G-to-landline calling app that allows migrant workers to call home to their loved ones for free.

Public Design Vault

This was done way before COVID. A directory of 500+ tools, resources and links for social impact design. I used to have a suite of sites under the Public Design theme - a job board (Public Design Jobs), a forum (Public Design Forum), but had to put them on hiatus due to cost of maintaining and low usage. Maybe one day I will revive them when new cheaper tools emerge, or I get better at coding to run my own servers for them. 

1 Mar 2018 - present

Total users = 47.8k

Sessions = 66.9k

Page views = 146k