Small changes

Published on May 18, 2020

I did a couple of hours of work today. Nothing major at all, but I feel so accomplished.

I set out to just do one very minor thing - approve a PR for a super minor bug fix.

I ended up doing that and loads more. Making 7 of my own PRs for small improvements.

Speakers Live is coming together quite nicely - we "launched" to a small set of friends to "beta test" it, but feel free to check it out and give me some feedback:

We're planning to make it open source.

So, what did I do?

  1. Removed some view logic for our profile images - we were checking if each image was attached and provided a default if it's not. This was done in multiple places.
  2. Added a temporarily version of admin privileges - a hard-coded check against our users, rather than any kind of permissions logic.
  3. Updated our tables to handle small screens better - not necessarily more responsive, but they don't do hideous things now.
  4. Some more stylistic improves for mobile views
  5. Moved some external images to local storage - on page loads, we previously were fetching our splash and footer image from
  6. Updated an minor UX annoyance - we were building an empty "Talk" record in our User edit page, which errors when it was blank. We now don't load that record, but it might be better to ignore blank records instead.
  7. Added our first admin-only page. It's just a list of all users. All users have access to that list anyway, but this list is displayed differently - it's in a boring table, with delete buttons... Next we will do the same for talks and eventually, we will add some graphs! Boy, I love graphs.

(These changes aren't live at time of writing. They are just in a PR.)