Slow down for pits

Published on Aug 5, 2020

There is a scene in Cars 3 where Lightning McQueen is mentoring a young race driver. At some point in the race she needs to go to pits, but her lack of experience makes shows when she drives way too fast and passes through the pits stop, making here go in reverse to be in the right position. In real world races this has important consequences, since those valuable seconds affect your time and also your confidence to perform afterwards. 

The same thing happens in real life within cycles of time. The most common one its the pits stop when call sleeping or resting. If we arrive to it late, if we do not slow down before getting there, we will have to deal with a bad night of sleep. That bad night is probably going to impact the day afterwards and if we continue extending our run track instead of slowing down, it could have serious consequences in your quality of life. My advice: 1 hour or so before going to bed, which hopefully is at the same hour every night, slow down. Turn off your computer, put your phone away. Read a book, meditate, dim the lights. Your body will thank you later.

This thing happens in other time cycles, but I just want to mention another one: The pits stop your body requires every few months to relax, recover and rest from months or even more than a year of hard work. Make sure to listen to your body and take this big stops. Again, your body will thank you later.

Most see pits stop in races as things that slow you down. You should see them as moments that keep you going and make sure you are in the best form possible to win the race. Now, maybe this is not the right metaphor. Life is not a race, nor a marathon. Life just is what you want it to be.