Sleeping early again

Published on Sep 8, 2020

I have recently gone back to sleeping early. Due to different reasons, I have reverted back to sleeping at or after midnight. I love the few hours of undistracted work after everyone has gone to bed. That is when I am most creative. But I had to change that in the last few days.

That meant, I sleep around 10pm and usually up before 8am without an alarm. It is a great feeling to not hate the alarm and force myself up in the mornings. The first thought that comes to mind on days like that is - I need coffee.

Today - for instance, I woke up at 7am - on my own. And promptly put on my workout shoe and went out to walk. I did 3000 steps before 8am and I was feeling good. I still had my cup of coffee but the day felt like it had extra hours to get more done.

I also found that I got more of my to-do list completed. Having the ONE thing to focus on also helped get that done.

And I cooked the family a luxurious low-carb dinner. Tonight it was low carb fried rice - also known as cauliflower rice. With salmon and more vegetables on the side.  
I used an Asian recipe with fermented soy base (Miso) to add some umami.

Now I am all beat. A nice long productive day that started out with sleeping on time yesterday.

I should repeat this tomorrow.