Simple Principles for a neat life<br>

Published on Sep 15, 2020

  1. Clean your kitchen after using it, you will be thankful later
  2. If you use something, put it in its place after you have used it
  3. Don't buy what you don't need and is truly going to give you value, more time or joy for a long period of time
  4. Have cleaning moments. Small during the day, a semi big one every week and a big one at least each quarter. You space will look nicer and your energy will feel cleaner
  5. Even if you try to follow the principles above, you will clutter your space with stuff that is not useful or beneficial to you. Remove those things. How extreme you are with this is up to you, but believe me, empty spaces look way nicer than your shelf full of collectibles.
  6. If there is space, you'll put things on it. Less space, less things.
  7. Instead of hoard things, hoard memories, experiences and happiness. This is easy: invest in experiences, don't buy things.
  8. Some things have experiences associated with them, for example, excellent coffee. Buy those things. I'm telling you, after that first sip of a truly good cup of coffee, you will not go back. (Nescafé, Keurig, pods, drip bags and percolator do not make good coffee)
  9. Have backups of what is important. For example, always have more than 1 pen in your house. "Should I have two TV's? I use them even more than the pen...." No, you don't need two. Given the quality of TV these days you should even consider getting rid of that one.
  10. Always have an extra set of plates in case a lot of people come to your house, but keep it as hidden as possible so the temptation of using it does not win the pain of doing the regular dishes. 
  11. Remove from your desk what you don't need. You will feel better
  12. If you can, have a work desk outside of your bedroom. Work in there, sleep in your room, eat somewhere else.
  13. Always make sure to think: Am I in control of my emotions and feelings, or am I letting something else dictate my life. If the answer is no, I recommend meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy a therapist and an overdose of good habits. Being at peace is not a goal, is an state, a theme in your life.