Shipping packages

Published on Oct 29, 2020

Amazon has spoiled me. The idea of receiving a package the same day as ordered or within a day or two is grand. The tracking is also fantastic. You know when a package has shipped, when it will be delivered, and many times I get a notification telling me how many stops the truck has left before reaching me. 

Other companies have a lot to learn. The problem with free shipping is that most companies are going to use the cheapest option for shipping and the consumer has no control. Even when there is a fee for shipping, the consumer usually does not have the option to pick the service. 

Why is it when you get notification that a shipping label has been created, you never see an update when you track the shipment? I always ignore the first notification because I know there won't be any information loaded yet. 

Another lesson I've learned is that you can't trust the delivery date until you see that the package is on the truck. FedEx pulled a stunt recently where my package was in Phoenix Monday morning, but I did not receive it until Wednesday evening. 

This topic is on my mind because the new iPhone was scheduled to be delivered this week on Friday. I tracked the package, and to my surprise, it is on the truck ready to be delivered today. This is a day early or six days late depending on your view. Historically, Apple has delivered new iPhones on the same day that they go on sale in the retail stores, but for some reason that did not happen this year. 

It's always a great day when a new iPhone arrives.