September Recap

Published on Oct 1, 2020

This past month flew. I had to double check the calendar to confirm that it is indeed a new month already. So much so that I forgot to do a end of month recap and new month goals.

Well - keeping up with the pace of event in 2020 is just a default requirement at this point. 

September felt like a mini 2020 experience all in one month.

The good -
1. Spent the first 13 days of September with my dad. Unlike other times, I had a chance to spend a lot more time with him because of COVID and my ability to work from home. It was a gift to me and him. I also picked up the habit of walking a lot from him. He loves to walk and think. It is an enjoyable thing to do alone or with one more person and is the best way to workout. Successfully added it to my routine in September.

2. I found a mentor and had maybe a total of 3-4 conversations with her. Every call feels like I am talking to someone I knew all my life. She has done things I love hearing about. She lives her life in the way I hope to do. It was a coincidence that brought us together but every conversation with her is a push towards doing what I love to do and feel is my calling.
So I am getting more courageous about the idea of creating a social innovation company (@jasonleow had asked about how)

3. Very related to (1)..I am part of a team trying to help with data related initiatives in Ethiopia. It is the first time that I am being part of something at such a macro level. I am still figuring out how things happened. But yet again - it feels like a calling and I am excited at the progress. 

4. I added a few more skills to my resume. I have been more aggressively learning Python and learning more about data science and its applications.

5. Finances are good. I keep spending less and less each month COVID sticks around. 

6. Reading - I have started a few books around leadership and communication but abandoned almost all for fiction. I was able to read 4 novels in September. It was a treat to realize that I could enjoy fiction in audio book format. It is the best distraction. 

The going to be good in October -

1. Health - overall - it is ok. But with the consistently high stress levels, it is creeping up in other areas and causing issues around my health. It is still better than it was but can definitely get better.

2. Sleep - related to (1) but also due to unrelated issues, sleep has not been anything like it used to be. I have made a few adjustments and @BrandonWilson has convinced me to focus on it, so October should be better.

3. Classes - I signed up to a Stanford Frugal Science class and a Harvard course in September that are just difficult to keep up with. It feels like there is a lot of material and gets hard to keep up with reading the content and engaging with the community on a consistent basis. I want to give the rest of 2020 my best so I am going to get better at this in October.

Overall - more wins. A lot of strategic moves were successfully completed and I am happy.
There are 92 days till the end of the year. It is enough time to change the connotation of 2020.