Sedentary Dreams

Published on Aug 26, 2020

Being an entrepreneur without recurring revenues sucks, especially in France when you're looking for an apartment.

You need to make at least thrice the rent to be considered solvent by a real estate agency. It's obviously not my case, even though I have enough savings to pay rent for two years.

I wanted to stay in Bordeaux with my brother for a year, but it's probably going to be difficult. The only way I can pull it off is by bypassing real estate agents and meeting with the landlord directly, but it's not going to be easy.

Looking for an apartment in a smaller town might be much easier: my parents can vouch for me, the rent would be lower, and the competition is less fierce. 

I don't need much anyway. A studio where I can work all day and night with a good Internet connection and some green areas nearby where I can bike would be ideal. I never really lived in a small city, always in big ones or in small rural towns. It will be a nice change for once.  

I'll probably hit the road again if I don't find anything by the end of September. The pandemic isn't stopping, so I'll see how it goes regarding that. I'm thinking a lot about Malaysia lately. My stay in Penang was probably my most productive as well, so I kinda miss it. Renting an Airbnb is so much easier than finding a long-term thing: why have we made it so hard?