Seasoned Practitioners Live in the Eye of the Storm

Published on Sep 5, 2020

Most people find social media to be a sort of vice that they need to limit. And then some like [[Gary Vaynerchuk]] can spend all day and night on social media and not overdose on it. How?

Gary doesn't consume media for the sake of media. He doesn't listen to podcasts for the content in it. He only consumes media for the context, which then allows him to strengthen his understanding of how the social/media landscape is evolving..

There's a huge lesson in Gary's approach. Instead of relying on others to tell him the concrete answers to what he should be doing, he instead immerses himself and discerns his own answers. So even though he might consume the same flavor of media on TikTok or Instagram as the rest of us, he's not getting lost in the details trying to look for the right answers. When Gary listens to a health podcast by Dr. Joe Schmoe he isn't looking for the right foods to eat to get better sleep or live longer. When Gary's on TikTok he' not getting stuck being mesmerized by the personality of the influencer. Instead he's figuring out how health professionals are changing the way they communicate and how that shifts health e-commerce. Instead he's trying to understand how different influencers fit into and represent the cultures they exist in.

I think one very important attribute of a seasoned practitioner is that they stop seeking answers from others. They still relentlessly seek others to acquire more data, but to a seasoned practitioner this data is just data: details rather than  prescriptions. This is why I believe Gary can spend so much time on things that are commonly considered unhealthy (social media in this case) without suffering the negative consequences. Because it's true that our live-connected world is an enormous storm causing mass destruction. 

But every storm has a calm eye.