Seasonal work

Published on Aug 3, 2020

I know what it means to work hard.

My grandparents and their ancestors had to work hard, to survive.

I don't need to prove to myself, nor to anybody that I can work hard

and I don't want to.

I want to work and enjoy what I do.

To do so, I need regular breaks, days off and weeks off.

There is no point in working hard all the time.

In nature, one had to work when the soil had to be cultivated, the seeds had to be planted or the harvest was ready. 

With our smartphones ready to work at any time, we forgot that life is seasonal. Just because we could work any time, we think we should do so. 

But there is a time for everything. Our energy comes and goes in cycles.

There is a time to kick off new ideas, communicate and collaborate, get stuff done, reflect and rest. 

Usually, resting is the hardest phase, as Oscar Wilde already said "Doing nothing, is hard work."

Ideas take their time to mature, just like fruits need time to ripen.

The grass doesn't grow faster when you pull on it.

What phase are you in now?