Saved by a draft

Published on Sep 11, 2020

Sat down to write up my 200 words for the day and found I got an error when I hit the "Write" button. Five and a half hours from my writing deadline, and my anxiety has just shot through the roof. I am on day 230 of my streak, and I don't want to break it.

It's hard not to panic when you are confronted with an error you can't resolve, and you have no idea if it will be fixed before your deadline. With a streak at stake, this is a high priority, critical issue that needs an immediate fix. How could this happen?

I am not the only one in this boat. I am sure there are a large number of my fellow co-writers who are in the same position, with a longer streak than me at stake. Whatever I did, I needed to make sure I wrote something and posted it somewhere on the co-writers website, so that I could justify that I did write today.

Fortunately, I found a draft post from a few days ago that I had discarded—some unintelligible nonsense about being an expert. Clicking on the draft, it opened, and I was able to overwrite the previous tripe I had written.

OK, time to hit the "Publish" button. Wish me luck.


Footnote: it didn't quite work as planned. It did allow me to publish, but it published it to the date of the draft, not to today's date. It looked like my streak was gone.

It appears Baz has now fixed the "Write" button and can create a new draft for today. So I have just copied and pasted my earlier writing—time to publish a second time.