Published on Aug 23, 2020

Today I made Jim Morrison t-shirt design. I would saz its totally over the copyright limits but I still could upload it on RedBubble if there would be some problem I would just put it down. I went through the searches and there are plenty of designs like that. Noone probably cares that much. Will see. :) It is a super colorful design and I would definitely buy it (maybe I will :D). One of the best so far. I need to keep the expectations high. I checked some analytics and right now its no chance to get some sale cuz no one is seeing my designs. I will try to do a little promo through my Youtube channel. It could work to a little to get at least some buzz. 


Let's see some soccer. Czech league is back even though there are plenty of COVID cases but hopefully, they will be able to manage it somehow. The rules for quarantines got better so it should be okay. Always just the player who got the virus should be out of the team the rest can play. Otherwise, it would be impossible to finish the league...

Enjoy your weekend.


Stay with me. Efran