Run Louie, Run

Published on Oct 12, 2020

It is good for puppies to socialise with other dogs, and our six-month-old Groodle puppy is no different. Just recently we have started taking Louie to the local dog park and allowing him to run free off the lead.

Once we let him go, he sets off and runs like someone has left the gate open. Fortunately, this dog park is fully fenced off, so it is less likely that he can use this as a time to escape. Louie is quite a big puppy, and though he can be boisterous, he plays very well with the other dogs. If he annoys a dog, and it snaps back, then he backs off and finds another dog to play with. 

We have been training him to sit, stay and come, with moderate success. A few rewards go a long way with him, and he is compliant with most commands. However, when he is amongst other dogs and free to run, all of that goes out the window. He gets so excited that not even the temptation of a reward will get him to sit easily. He is having way too much fun to comply with our requests.

It is a great chance for Louie to run about and exert some of that puppy energy. It certainly tires him out, and it means he is a little more settled at night. He loves it.