Roaming through Thoughts

Published on Aug 1, 2020

People have been raving about Roam lately. Roam is an outlining app like Workflowy, but it emphasize linking notes to each other. Something I love about it, which doesn’t seem to be mentioned much, is how Roam takes the user right to Daily Dotes. The idea is to start getting notes down right away, then organize as needed, once you’ve begun writing.

There’s something powerful about combining bullet points with easy linking. Writing in bullets tends to atomize thoughts. It encourages producing small chunks of thought, which can then be linked to each other and mixed with each other.

It encourages just starting somewhere, with something, and letting your thoughts flow to somewhere interesting. Instead of trying to first decide where to put your thoughts, then feeling constrained to making them fit in that box. I suppose that might be where the name Roam comes from. It’s a powerful tool to support mind wandering.

Roam is more conducive to producing interesting ideas than any other software I’ve used. It’s a great help in starting blog posts. Interestingly, I find that the way Roam encourages production of small bits of writing actually makes it easier to produce larger pieces of writing. It gives you building blocks for blog posts and beyond. And it all connects and gradually builds up over time, beyond the scope of a single blog post. It’s a fascinating tool to augment thinking.