Right Elbow Done

Published on Aug 8, 2020

Surgery went well this past Wednesday. Right elbow was taken care of. Surprised the pain isn't worse. It finally got a bit unbearable early this morning through early this afternoon. Then I finally remembered to take more pain medications. Pain became manageable again. I am knitting already. Shocked that I can but also very happy. I'm going nuts with boredom. Surprised I can also type at a decent pace with both hands. I'm attempting to avoid over straining my right side. Part of me is highly unmotivated to do anything yet I've slept as much as I can and am bored with watching anything. On the other hand, I want to be productive and do something. Just not sure what. I'm going to attempt to work out at the gym tomorrow on the elliptical bike, using only the legs portion of the machine. It'll be good to get out of the house and moving around. 

August 18th is my follow up to get stitches out of my right elbow. If I give the approval, they will schedule surgery on my left wrist the following week. I will be so happy to get all of this taken care of, healed up, and no longer worry about it. My life feels like it is on hold and I'm anxious to move on.