Review of Personality Isn't Permanent

Published on Jul 25, 2020

Benjamin Hardy’s new book Personality Isn’t Permanent is a powerful, inspiring break with recent trends in self improvement. It’s about setting ambitious goals and pursuing them vigorously. It’s not focused on habit formation tips like recent books such as Atomic Habits and Tiny Habits. The approach instead is more top-down: focus on the vision of your future self and determine every day how to act consistently with that future self. Instead of focusing on systems and trusting that they’ll get you where you want to be.

Instead of focusing on habit tactics every day, develop your vision of your future self every day. And recommit every day to taking bold action to make that future self real. Everything else follows from a clear, inspiring goal always at the top of mind.

The concept of the future self is powerful. I’ve found that I think of my future self often since starting this book. Being focused on my future self has given me something to look forward to and a challenging standard to strive for every day.

This focus on goals is a needed corrective to what may be an excessive focus on systems in self-improvement lately. A focus on habits and processes was needed, but boldly focusing on goals was needed too. Ultimately, Hardy’s goal focus complements the systems focus seen in a book like Atomic Habits. I highly recommend reading one of the habits books as well as Personality Isn’t Permanent.