Published on Aug 14, 2020

If you would like to follow my Redbubble challenge, you can see all my designs on my profile there, here is the link: Redbubble profile

Yesterday's design is still not approved cuz I don't know why, hopefully, it's gonna be shown there soon (as I was writing this post, they finally approved it :)). I do not follow any template I just design everything that comes to my mind. There are five designs but just the last three are part of my challenge (BASE jumping, OMAD, Sharks are not friends). I am very proud of that crazy Shark design and that's the one who hasn't been approved, I really do not know why, haha. 

Anyway, it's gonna be a long challenge, 27 days left or more. I am gonna try to do a new design every day but it's probably not gonna be possible, the goal is at least every other day.  I guess I am gonna run out of ideas in a second but right now I am pretty excited and enjoying the process. As usual, the beginnings are sweet. I need to just keep going and do not give up too soon...


Stay with me. Efran