RE: Let's start the debate about the home page.

Published on Sep 28, 2020

This is a response to a very detailed post @brandonwilson. I agree that you are one of the power users particularly because how much you read others post and welcome new people. That was a consistent thing you did and motivated a lot of us to keep writing. 

I like a lot of your suggestion though some ideas may be hard to execute on a one-man show site. Part of the ability to have these types of feedback and interaction is because it isn't an enterprise but one hardworking person. Same reason why there were as many issues as there were with this last change. 

I remember a post I wrote way back when sharing how we could potentially increase engagement and keep people around so we have many more power users. A lot of my ideas were from community based sites like stackoverflow and FB as well.
The teamstreak idea, the writing competition, the spotlight, the interviews, the fellowship tab and the post of the day etc were also great ways for engagement. 

I also like your new ideas on the parent post.
What I would add is that @basilesamel start to outsource some of this work so he doesn't pass out and he can focus on the parts of this journey that he loves the most.

A few suggestions I have made in the past:

- Writing competitions
- Interviews like Sir Abe was doing
- Badges for most comments received and for making comments as well

I personally have gotten a lot out of this site and would prefer to keep writing with this crew.