Re: We need a 200WAD World Summit

Published on Jul 14, 2019

I agree with Brandon. We need it. 
Mainly because of these things I got from here:

- I discovered how much I love writing
- I discovered how much writing influences other areas of my life in terms of communication
- I discovered how much I vent about my day/life/frustrations here
- I discovered how much of my planning and goal setting I can do publicly here
- I discovered how many people there are here that have similar goals and frustrations. 
- I discovered so many better ways of doing the things I have wanted to do
- I discovered a lot of awesome people that have so many good ideas and thoughts that I enjoy reading everyday.
- I discovered how I love joining people with their goals though I didn't have them before. 
- I discovered how similar people from around the globe can be. 
- I discovered that I admire seeing people like Basile who are hustling everyday.

What I would like improved.

- This new editor. (I liked the old one)
- Badges for comments
- Book club type of thing. (I got many good book recommendations)
- Expertise corner (eg on topics like marketing, productivity, design, video)

I like that we are talking about the dip.