Re: We Might Need a Hug

Published on Jun 14, 2019

I straight up just forgot to write yesterday. I had plenty of time last night. I messed around with some WordPress stuff, then I watched a show in bed. I could have easily pumped out 200 words.

But it just completely escaped my mind. Lotta stuff in this mind lately.

I didn't even realize until about an hour ago when I was driving, and I had to ask myself "did I write last night?". I wasn't even 100% sure if I had.

So there goes my streak yet again. I would have been about 4 away from 30 days had I not missed that. Pretty discouraging.

I agree with you that it wouldn't be that hard to write a larger piece and then split it out across however many days I can get. 840 words? Yeah, why not schedule those for the next 4 days and not worry about it?

Why not get credit if you write more than 200 words? If I post something that's 1,600 words, that's still just one day. Meanwhile, someone can write 200 words a day and they've gotten 8 days out of that?

And trust me, I've been there, just wanting to get the minimum out the door because I'm not really feeling it and I don't want to lose that streak.

And private posts counting towards the streak? Really? So I can paste some lorem ipsum into a post if I have writer's block and call it a day? And just do that as much as I want? 

Don't even get me started on this whole "adding extra spaces" thing to get to the 200 words. Why are we even bothering at this point? If there are all these sneaky ways around it, does any of it even matter?

So someone who writes 25,000 words in a month, all public posts, but happens to miss one day (for whatever reason) is worse off than someone who did the bare minimum 6,000, with some private posts sprinkled in there and some

o f  t h i s  n o n s e n s e

j u s t

t o  r e a c h  2 0 0 

I dunno, man. The idea of starting at zero again doesn't motivate me to "get it done this time" or "show people that I'm committed". It just annoys me and makes me wanna spend my time on something else. Plenty of other things I can do to flex my creative muscles :)

"You're just gonna quit, Nick, because you can't commit to writing a measly 200 words a day and you keep breaking your streak?" 

Kinda tempting to not care about the streak and write when I want to. Or put that writing elsewhere, where writing 29 out of 30 days (or 99 out of 100, etc) is still kick-ass, and not a sign of failure.

I type no fewer than 10,000 words every day in my job (UPDATE: Confirmed — Grammarly tells me that they checked 53,454 words for me last week). Maybe I should just use some of those support emails on days that I have writer's block. I'll just paste that into a post and call it a day. 

Better yet, I'll take one day of support emails and schedule them out for the month. There, done. So in 2-and-a-half work weeks, I've got the year covered. In 4 months I can have an entire decade of content.