Re: Things I know how to do

Published on Jun 1, 2019

Today, @phaidenbauer wrote "Things I know how to do", as a reply to my "Things that I don't know how to do them" from yesterday. It's a cool idea... that I was about to experiment as well tonight! ?

So, congratulations to you, Philipp, for passing me at the finish line! And thank you, you gave me another idea, a slight change of plan: "How do I do the things I know that Philipp do?"

1. "I know how to drive a car"
Yeah, I do. Driving for almost forty years now... It took me three times to pass the driving test. Since then, I drove several times the distance around the world.

2. "Since a few days ago, I am able to drive a motorcycle"
Not me. I almost killed myself in Isadora Duncan's style when I was sixteen, on a borrowed moped. Since then, I've been avoiding motorcycles.

3. "I can cook myself a decent meal"
I think that I already established that here!

4. "I know how to program in several languages (Javascript, PHP, nodeJS)"
I do! The thing a bit more embarrassing is to reveal which languages I can program in. Yeah, I'm old enough to have started with Basic and Cobol, and I used a weird stuff called Databus for years. Then Pascal. But soon, I'll be like everybody else, I'm "streaking" on my uDemy Web development course...

5. "I know how to respect people and how to treat them right"
Yep. Same with dogs.

6. "I can help people with my paramedic knowledge"
I passed the first aid exam at the army, but should something bad happened, I'd rather trust Philipp's skills than mine.

7. "I can write 200 words every day and be part of #TeamStreak"
Me tooooooo!!!

8. "I can read and write"
I read what you wrote and I'm writing what you read.

9. "I can see. I can breathe and eat. I am alive."