Re: [Notes] The Company of One: Why Staying Small is the Next Big Thing for Business, by Paul Jarvis

Published on Jul 10, 2019

@jasonleow - thanks for the notes. I love Paul.

Recently, I was thinking about the word 'manipulation.' It's so subtle, we could re-frame it as just trying things until something works. In marketing terms, manipulation is what works. We're pushing all the brain's buttons, trying to get another human to respond. We are manipulating our messaging to get their neurons to fire: specifically the ones that say, "Oooh I need that book!"

Company of One -- may be a tad misleading. It rings of DIY ( Do it Yourself ) - It targets the control freak in all of us and is positioned ( by title at least ) as a panacea to the frustration of having to deal with "people". [ people are a pain ]

But, if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you first have to invent the universe. ( Carl Sagan )

Essentially, even his company of one - may have an awesomely supportive partner at home. Can a man claim to be a company of one just because he technically could survive on the income his activity generates? Does he give her any credit for support?

He's got many online friends -- which immediately blows the whole idea of "one". He's got a huge mailing list, lots of twitter followers, and plenty of well-known clients.

It almost feels like a book written by Warren Buffet on how to survive on $50 / day.

I posit - for argument sake, that The Company of One is possible only after you've built up a network, have successful habits, and know how to position yourself in the market. Until then, you may need to piggy-back on somebody else's business by working with or for them in order to learn what you need and what you don't.