Rainy days

Published on Nov 7, 2020

It's raining all day. And it's the weekend. Somehow the weather changes the mood for everything. I was planning to work, but now work feels vulgar, almost. I just wanna:

Sit by the window and drink tea

Read a book under a blanket

Cosy-snuggle in bed

Take a looong nap

And then nap some more

Play some smooth lounge music and chill

Bake really chunky, crispy-yet-gooey cookies

Aromatherapy using said cookie bakes

Satisfy longtime cookie craving

Take time to mindfully make a really nice coffee brew

Have ice cream on cold days

Write poetry, haikus and random shit 

Work on my kintsugi pottery bits

Think about having hobbies

Do my hobby thing (when I finally have one)

Take a walk in the rain wearing a raincoat

Take a walk in the rain without a raincoat

Daydream about hopping on rain puddles with my son when he's older

Cook a nice dinner with the family

Chit chat by the dinner table

Watch a beautifully-made documentary about nature 

Watch something inspiring and thoughtful

Do some handicraft

Daydream about everything and nothing

Declutter my workspace

Clean the house

Take a long warm shower


Or ignore this list and do absolutely nothing at all.