Published on Nov 11, 2020

After chasing this language for many many months, I finally can say that I am a python programmer.

I have been a SAS programmer for many years now and am comfortable using SAS. But I wanted to see the potential to do more and adapt to the new popular career of data scientist a few years ago. At first, I wanted to become a SAS data scientist but I couldn't find too many job descriptions that asked for SAS as a skill for a data scientist. Over and over, I find Python being requested. I did an extensive research and concluded that Python is the best programming language for me to shift to in the data science world. Next would be R but Python is dominating R for the last few years. 

So I decided to take Python classes on Udemy, LinkedIn learning and YouTube. There is so much material out there. But when earlier this year, Google came out with its course on Coursera, I decided to go for that. I heard it wasn't easy but it was highly reviewed and is a nice certification to have. So I started it a few weeks ago and I am now on the last chapter.

These past few days, I went back to chapter 1 and went through everything again. I am not the same student I was back in school and the concepts didn't stick the first time. I tried to think of what I did while I was a student to get better at learning. And I decided to buy a notebook and write notes... with blue, black and red pens. And voila - everything became much easier to remember.

Tomorrow, I will wrap up the last chapter and get my certification.
Google Certified Python Programmer.
In your face 2020!