Pursuing 10-Year Goals in 6 Months

Published on Aug 15, 2020

What would you like your life to be like in 10 years? Think about it a bit. What you would do for a living, what kind of house you would live in, who the people in your life would be. Now, ask yourself what you would do if you had to accomplish that in six months. This might seem kind of crazy, but it’s an empowering, clarifying exercise. I learned about it from Benjamin Hardy.

What’s powerful about this exercise is how it combines visualizing a much better future with making a plan for a short, focused period of time. Starting with 10-year goals gets you thinking big. 10 years seems like enough time to do almost anything. But it’s hard to make a whole 10 year plan, and to maintain a sense of urgency when the end point is so far off.

So you pull in the endpoint to just six months. Now you’re working with a tangible, manageable time period. A time period you’ve probably already made plans for. But now you’re primed with a big vision. You’re thinking bigger than you usually do, more optimistically. So you think of how to fit that big vision into a relatively short period of time. You start getting practical. Thinking of what you can do now, that you can imagine doing for 6 months.

You’ll probably end up feeling more optimistic and excited about the next 6 months than you were before, even if you don’t expect to achieve all your 10-year goals in the next 6 months.