Public Facing work

Published on Sep 4, 2020

Yesterday, I was talking to someone about resumes and work. I have been spending time on LinkedIn and it is fascinating to see what people put on their resumes.

I have come to realize a lot of key things that I am immediately putting to practice.

1. Every little thing that was a recognition has to be documented. I recall keeping all my certifications in a neat folder under my desk. I simply hated it when people put all their certifications as a calendar in their cube. Little did I know that these things matter. It's pointless to bury your head and just work hard. Someone said those words to me just last week. Apparently in life - it is 90% marketing and 10% work.

2. I always wanted to improve my public speaking skills so I did several presentations at work and shared my knowledge. These things matter. The more you present, the more you will be asked to be a "subject-matter-expert" speaker. Presentations and publications like tutorials are great things to add to your resume. And they are not as time consuming or difficult to do anymore.  

3. I remember as a kid, focusing on word problems. The teacher warned us that it is a difficult concept to master so I spent extra time with it. When I was in school, my statistics teacher reached out to me and told me to consider being a tutor because many people struggle with statistics... then he encouraged me to study it because my future in the US will be easier for knowing that subject. There is something about building expertise in things that others avoid. Now in the post-COVID job era - finding such expertise will make a big difference.
So bring on the differential equation!

The underlying lesson for me has been to make sure that I do things that have a compound effect. The best way to do that for a career is to build my public facing portfolio.

1. StackOverflow.
2. GitHub
3. Publications on things like Medium and LinkedIn
4. Building something using things I learn that others can play with.

I hope these insights are useful to anyone working on a career boost.