Productivity App

Published on Jul 7, 2020

"Not another one" you might say.

Right... but it just sort of happened. Some context:

I recently left my job to work for myself, freelancing. I've started using Basecamp more often for a few reasons: to keep track of the work I've done, and to organise and plan.

Part of working for myself, I want to build more of a portfolio. I consider myself a good developer, but I don't have much evidence of that to share with people.

As many of us do, I jot down ideas. Recently, I went through these ideas and collated them into groups. Turns out, a lot of them are productivity app related...

9 tickets on my Trello board. Nine. N I N E.

Here is that list, unfiltered.

  1. Non-zero days - I've spoke about this board, but check out this historic Reddit post.
  2. Monthly goals, accountability and encouragement - starting the monthly goal posts on 200WAD is one of the best things I've done. I'm super proud of that.
  3. Work In Progress - live product building thread. For record instead of Twitter and integrate with Product Hunt.
  4. Keeping productive with what I need to do today - TODO apps, yawn
  5. Repeatable TODO app - tasks you do every day/week/month. Reminders? Checklists? Rhythm graph - steps up for activities done, steps down for activities missed.
  6. Today I Have - this is actually the coding exercise we gave to potential candidates at my last place of work.
  7. Habit tracker - monthly "resolutions", small, achievable goals
  8. Pick 3 per day -> work, sleep, family, friends, and fitness. “You’re not going to feel perfectly balanced every day,” but you should “aim for a larger sense of balance in your week or month”
  9. Daily checklist - based on this tweet.