Prague: Day 4

Published on Feb 4, 2020

Well, it can hardly be called a journal entry for a day in another city (or another country). The sum part of my entry for Prague: Day 4 is that we woke up early, had breakfast and then took public transport to the airport.

A somewhat tiresome journey, a small mither at the airport, and a quiet, boring flight back. All in all; pretty good.

We were home by midday.

Nay's normal reaction to arriving home from anywhere is to immediately do all the work, unpack all the things, run every errand for the next 5 years and, basically, everything to prevent me stopping and having a cup of tea for just 5 minutes.

Eventually, we went to town and exchanged our currency back to sterling. With the proceeds added to my monthly personal budget (it's a new thing we're trying, perhaps I'll tell you about it), I bought a new, long, woollen jacket. It will make it's debut appearance tomorrow.

We got the news that our new car had arrived into the garage today. We rushed round to see if we could speed up the process - which we did. The date for the pick up of our new car is Thursday. Toot, toot!

Normal service will resume tomorrow. I have a number of notifications on here and on other mediums, which I promise I'll respond to tomorrow. Speak soon.