Prague: Day 3

Published on Feb 3, 2020

Thankfully, we weren’t woken up by the maid today. We naturally awoke and at a decent time too; the way it should always be. (Brandon would be so proud)

There was quite a bit on today. I wouldn’t say we overpacked it or that we were rushing around as typical tourists. We took it slow.

We filled up for the day ahead; coffee, bacon, eggs. We sorted out the final details of our route and headed to the travel office for our 24 hour ticket.

We took the tram and headed towards Wenceslas Square. While there were some renovations still going on, which started before 2017, there was a great view from one end to the other. There are is some interesting history about this location, including many public executions, area of protests and a self-conflagration in protest which evaluated the man to Czech fame.

Our next stop wasn’t far; The Dancing House. An amazingly shaped building on the sea front of Resslova. Honestly, it was a great site to see and it stood out amongst the wonderful architecture of the city, but I was still more mesmerised by the random street performer juggling oranges for stopped cars. Very entertaining!

Next was Cafe Louvre. We had been recommended this before we went and it was nearby - naturally, we added it to our plan. It was good, but we only stopped for a pudding and a drink. It did seem overly appreciated, but after seeing some of the meals people were being served, I think I know why.

From Cafe Louvre, we headed toward Old Town To see the Astronomical Clock. It’s a clock that chimes every hour. The skeleton on the clock rings the bell and turns his hourglass once more. There is much more to the story, even than is apparent while you’re there. We’ll be checking this out in more detail when we get home. The Astronomical Clock was our souvenir of choice - a magnet, as always.

As we did with Krakow, we wrapped the holiday up with a visit to The Hard Rock Cafe, where I had the Local Legendary. It seems the Czech like their spices.

Perhaps we were typical tourists, but we did hope from shop to shop throughout our day and tag a beverage from each; beers, milkshakes, cocktails, coffees. Wrapping up our evening with more cocktails, for me in the form of a Bahama Mama, took me a bit over the edge.

I am writing this from our hotel bed, where we will be having an early night for our 6AM start.

Back to the UK tomorrow AM. Prague has been good to us.