Prague: Day 2

Published on Feb 2, 2020

We set an alarm for 9AM. Not too early. Not too late. When we went to bed, I told Nay we probably wouldn’t need it, but just in case: 9 hours, 30 minutes sleep. Apparently, we did need it. The alarm went off. Shortly after the maids came into our room - we’d forgotten to put up the Do Not Disturb. Even so, 9AM for maids? Christ.

We decided we wanted to head to Petrin Tower today. We looked online and Czech has a 24 hour public transport ticket for 110czk (£3.60, €4.30) which covers everything; train, tram, buses, even the attractions funicular. I thought it was crazy value really.

We took the tram over the river towards the tower, the funicular up to the top and then went up the tower.

We paid the entrance fee, but saved on the lift. We walked up the steps on the side. Why do I do this to myself? I hate heights.

I’ve never really been one to let my fears stop me, but jeez. I hate heights. The view was crazy good though.

Once we came down and recovered in the bar, we walked down the hill and took in the views of the town. We walked through a monastery and rested on a bench (by the Swedish embassy no less) overlooking the entire area.

Once we emptied our drinks, we set off again toward Petrin Castle. We arrived just in time to see the changing of the guard. An interesting tourist routine, but nothing overly amazing. Definitely a tourist attraction area - picture settings, sales, souvenirs.

Once the guards had changed, our bellies were rumbling and we searched for a cafe that sold traditional Czech goulash. After an hour wait, we were finally served this delicious bread-bowl of loveliness. Thank god I was enjoying the company.

We spent a lot of the day just hanging out and chatting. We should do more of this quality time at home. We get trapped in our routine and home life. We should adventure around our home more.

With this quality in mind, we decided to leave more of the specific adventures until tomorrow and instead just look round the local shopping mall - no particular reason, just checking out cloths, grabbing coffees, us time.

We wrapped up the day with a burger and headed back to hotel to watch The Masked Singer (I’ll hear nothing more of this...) with an almond chocolate roll.

Tomorrow, the adventures will continue. We have one last full day in Prague. We leave Monday AM.