Prague: Day 1

Published on Feb 1, 2020

After the great surprise of a trip to Prague for my birthday. I thought it only appropriate to carry on the holiday diary, as I did with Majorca and Krakow.

Our flight was at a gruesome 6AM. We always work back from there to figure out leaving times. We’re roughly 45 minutes from Manchester airport, the gate closes 30 minutes before that and then we needed be there at least an hour before the gates. So, leaving at 3.30AM then... just kidding, you obviously need to add 30 minutes to an hour in case something goes wrong.

Do you tend to eat at airports? We always seem to get breakfast there.

Since I’ve been ill, I’m still carrying a bit of a nasally nose. The flight was horrific. I tried to sleep, but my ears kept popping and my head felt like it was going to explode. I managed to fall asleep only to wake up with the piercing pain of my glasses being imprinted on my skull (lmao).

The trip was fine though and we arrived at our hotel really early, about 9.30AM. Check in was at 2, so we left our suit case and headed to check out the local town, bars and eateries.

We found a Sensory Museum. It was really interesting, with some trippy rooms. That was a good way to burn an hour. Afterwards, we grab our souvenir and headed for food - chicken filled with cheese and bacon. Nom.

Once it was time to check into the hotel, we decided to head back and head straight for a much needed nap.

Almost 3 hours passed...

We woke up, refreshed, feeling much better and once again headed out to explore.

Thankfully, we decided day 1 was going to be a slow, quiet day. We found a bar to grab some pizza and beer. We hung out and chatted the night away before one last stroll around the block (and some chimney cake).

With a few drinks down us, we headed back to the hotel for one last drink in the bar before retiring To our room to check our phones, catch up on messages and write 200 words.

I’ll be journaling day 2 tomorrow.