Published on Sep 12, 2020

The rate of infected people that are infected with the coronavirus is going up in Austria again. I planned to attend a theatre next Wednesday, but as it would be in Vienna, where the rate climbs fastest, I wrote to them and asked to get a refund.

Switzerland also put out a fixed quarantine for people coming from Vienna. As I want to drive there at the end of October, I have to do everything to not get banned or need to stay in quarantine my whole stay.

The fact that my aunt is giving a bring in birthday party today doesn't make it any easier. Although the risk is pretty low in the Area of Styria, I will be meeting people I normally wouldn't meet. On the other side, I don't have control over what my coworkers are doing in their free time and so I could also get an infection via that road.

The company vacation is also coming up next weekend so I should minimize the risk of getting infected anyways.

One thing this whole pandemic told me, no matter how good you plan something, anytime something really unexpected can happen. And now I'm from a half year ahead planning to a one week to two weeks.