Plan all the way to the end

Published on Sep 6, 2020

Most men are rules by heart, not the head. Their plans are vague, and when they meet obstacles they improvise. But improvisation will only bring you as far as the next crisis, and is never a substitute for thinking several steps ahead and planning to the end.

The person who goes too far in his triumphs creates a reaction that inevitably leads to a decline. The only solution is to plan for the long run. Foresee the future with as much as clarity as the gods on Mount Olympus, who look through the clouds and see the ends of all things.

According to the cosmology of the ancient greeks, the gods were thought to have complete vision into the future. They saw everything to come, right down the intricate details. Men, on the other hand, were seen as victims of fate, unable to see beyond immediate dangers. 

The comparison is still valid - those among us who think further ahead and patiently bring their plans to fruition seem to have a godlike power.