Pizza [Part 1]

Published on Mar 8, 2019

Thanks, @jasonleow for this awesome topic of the week! 

My relationship with pizza started early. When I was little, my mum made pizza as a Saturday evening special dinner before we would watch a game show on TV. I have fond memories of a super thick crust loaded with toppings like mushrooms, pepperoni, ham, peppers, and heaps of cheese. The slices were so thick, I had to hold them with both of my tiny hands. 

Over the years I became a fan of the original thin-crusted Italian pizza. During a one-week holiday to Italy in 2015, I ate pizza every single day. The pizzas came right out of the hottest brick oven, and the crust had huge bubbles. The crispness was a whole new level. Italians usually go light on the topics, and I don't mind that. It works well with a super thin crust. 

I used to work with many Italians and it's always fun to watch them eat their native food in a country other than their homeland. During a project in Lisbon, Portugal, I dragged the whole team to a pizza place. My Italian co-worker was not happy but gave in eventually. He ordered a simple pizza margarita. What could go wrong? Oh boy! He complained for 20 minutes that they had used the wrong type of cheese and the wrong herbs. 

Fun fact: When Americans order a pepperoni pizza in Germany, they'll be very disappointed. The Germans call those small spicy peppers pepperoni. If you want the meat, you'll have to order a pizza with salami. 

Now, I'm quite decent at making pizza at home. I'll share my go-to pizza dough and sauce recipe tomorrow.