Phone ramblings

Published on Jun 13, 2019

I'm currently typing on my phone and apparently this editor doesn't do auto correct, or manage capitals and case shifting very well, nor does it have handy inputs like a double space being a full stop.

It's interesting though. I'm really concious of my streaks. Not in a sense of 'I must continue my streak' but in the sense that I want to continue writing. It has definitely become a habit. As discussed the other day, completing and maintaining good, healthy habits is a constant pursuit.

The reason I'm writing on my phone is because I have stayed late at work for a 'Future Planning' meeting. I ended up going for drinks with some colleagues after, including one I've not historically got along with. I don't think there is any malice there, we get on, but we disagree on a lot of work based 'theory' I suppose. It actually felt great to discuss this in person.

Communication is key to all relationships.

Often in a work environment, it's difficult to establish that rapport between your peers, and often it's difficult to speak up to a more senior person - whether seniority is by role or by standing/length at the company. I'd emplore you to speak up. Your opinion matters, especially if it is affecting your day to day life or your mental health.

Maybe I'll take my own advice…