Personal site: About Me Draft (Need your thoughts)

Published on May 8, 2019

I'm currently revising the copy of my personal site. It will be cater more for Remote Web Developer Position

Hello. Welcome to my site. I’m Chris.

I started tinkering in programming at the age of 16 (I’m 24 as of this writing). From that age, I’ve never found any hobby that is much more enjoyable than programming. It feels like you have magic in your hand to make things work the way you expected.

The hobby that I used to love before now becomes a big part of my professional career after I take my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. As much I love the theory in Computer Science, I always make sure that my hands get dirty by playing around with the technology and building something out of it.

Along with my 4 years professional career(2 years corporate and 2 years freelance), I work in different digital agency and startups with a small team with diverse skills and talent. I always love startup ‘cause I get to wear many hats not just my current expertise in technology.

In my free time, I love attending tech meetups, joining hackathon, tinkering with programming languages and reading books about business, self-improvement, technology, entrepreneurship, and startup. And lately, I’ve been writing a lot on my personal blogs and writing community.