Persistence to Progress

Published on Aug 9, 2020

If you keep striving towards a goal, things start to fall into place. If you approach every day with a clear purpose, opportunities will appear where you didn’t expect them.

A focus for me right now is strengthening my relationships. I’ve never been great at building and maintaining relationships of any kind. I lack knowledge and experience in intentionally, thoughtfully building healthy, strong relationships.

But for the last few weeks, I have consistently been setting out to do things to work on my relationships, and holding myself accountable when I don’t do them. I’m trying to thoughtfully reach out to someone I care about each day. I often fail. But it almost doesn’t matter if I fail on any given day if I keep setting out to do it every day and holding myself accountable.

There are two versions of me. The future me, who is a great friend, brother, and son. And the current me, who is just average in those roles. Every day, I act as the future me for at least a couple of minutes, when I tell myself that I expect to work on my relationships that day. Over time, I will act as my future self more and more.

The key is setting intentions and taking them seriously, holding yourself accountable when you fall short. Committing, in other words. If you try enough, for long enough, you can’t fail.