Outcome of Daily Routine

Published on Nov 30, 2018

In my previous 200 words post, I talked about changing my daily routine to be more productive. A plan was set the night before:

5:30 AM: Wakes up, get shower and make breakfast. ☕️

6:30 AM: Open laptop and start hustling on side project.

8:30 AM: Start of work day.

Reality, I actually woke up on time, 5:30AM when the alarm rang. The next thing I knew, it was 6:30AM because I actually feel asleep. So, I was an hour late. I shorten my shower and breakfast time to 30 minutes and started to work on my side project on 7:00AM for 2 hours. 9:00AM I started my work for my day job. After 5:00PM I continued my side project for another 1.5 hours.

Honestly, it was very tiring because I worked for 11.5 hours straight without stopping. Waking up earlier than my usual to do my side project worked so much better than doing it after my 9-5 job. I was able to complete so much task with so little time. 

From 5:00PM to 6.30PM, I was tired but I got to do the finishing touch up to complete the tasked that was set for the day and I made it! So I rewarded myself by watching some Netflix Series after di ?

In conclusion, set a goal for tomorrow before getting to bed (you could make it public so that the pressure is higher, make sure to complete it the next day and don't forget to reward yourself frequently ?.