Opportunities Of Being Awake So Early

Published on Apr 6, 2019

Yes, it is early Saturday morning and to be awake so early is not a bad thing. Part of it was falling asleep in an awkward position and waking up with a stiff neck and sinus pressure. Welcome to spring where the radical changes in the weather cause this to happen.

After taking some allergy medication and aspirin the pain and the pressure have subsided but the rest of me just refuses to shut down again and go back to sleep. It is an opportunity to write and then go and meditate. Meditation is part of my daily life practice.

Being awake or not being able to sleep is an indication a lot is going on in my mind right now. At the current time, I am expecting a job offer. As of last Friday I was told I am under consideration for the position. It is a positive feeling to at least know, but under a decision is made there are specific tasks that are on hold right now.

There is client work that needs to move forward, and other projects need to be finished. When you are a Digital Marketing Consultant, clients tend to work on their schedule, not yours. Being conditioned by the corporate world to the expectation that leadership needed it yesterday is a hard habit to break.

I am live the weekend eBay flip life. This weekend of the thrift stores is having a 50% sale so getting to the store when it opens is vital. Before that going out for an early breakfast seems like a good plan.