OneDrive On-Demand

Published on Nov 13, 2020

I have been a regular user of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) over the past 5 years and one of the best features has been Microsoft OneDrive. As a file hosting and synchronisation service, I have found it to be the best-integrated solution for my needs.

This integration is helped by the fact that I also use a Windows 10 desktop computer and the Microsoft Office applications for word processing and spreadsheets. With this combination of this hardware and software, it could not be easier to manage your files and folders.

Managing files in browser-based storage can be a pain. More than not, you find yourself having to download a copy of a file to edit it, and then upload it back to your online storage once you have finished. In this scenario, document versioning can be a nightmare.

This is where I have found OneDrive On-Demand to be useful. OneDrive stores your files online, and the On-Demand aspect allows you to access those files through your Windows Explorer on your desktop PC. For users like me who enjoy the simplicity of the folder structures in Windows Explorer, the integration to OneDrive is so simple. You can save, view and open files by browsing through the Windows Explorer, and if you click on a file that is stored online, it will be automatically downloaded and opened.

The other huge benefit is that you can share folders and files directly from within Windows Explorer. For years, I would print out all of my tax return documents and post them off to the accountant so that he could complete my tax return. It was a hefty amount of printing for that single purpose. Now I save them all my tax documents to a folder and share that folder with my accountant as read-only. The need to print out a plethora of documents is no longer required.

For as long as a Windows PC has been around, you could always reliably access your files and folders via Windows Explorer. OneDrive On-Demand enhances this experience and keeps it simple.