On tea

Published on May 20, 2019

Yesterday I woke at 4:30am. A Saturday. The weekend. 

I didn't just wake up. No. I was wide awake; rearing to go. I lay there for two minutes with my eyes closed in an attempt to trick my body in to sleep. As expected, the inpatient and restless boy in me got bored. "Roll over, that might help", I thought. Another two minutes passed and I'm no nearer sleep. "Right, f*** it. Get up". By 5:00am I was showered and drinking tea at my desk. 

I enjoy the lighter, more floral, flavour of earl grey tea; particularly in the morning. However, there seems to be some contention among tea drinkers as to how it should be served. There appears to be two primary schools of thought: black with a slice of lemon, but NEVER milk; and white. The addition of sugar is a matter of personal taste. 

I am uncompromising in my view that the latter is best, but only where the smallest splash of milk is added - is that what is referred to as a 'dash of milk'? 

On the topic of milk, let's not get in to the argument regarding the timing and sequencing of key events when making a brew; that is, the adding milk and water, and the removal of the tea bag. May I suggest using a teapot to avoid conflict. 

I find that tea always tastes better out of a cup with a fine rim. Of the ample mismatched and precariously-stacked mugs in my house, I have three favourites. The first, a bone china mug with a faded red section displaying the cliched '"RELAX and drink tea" quote. The source and age of this mug remains unknown to all. The second is a newer bone china mug - slightly larger than the first - with an intricate floral print. This was a gift. The third is a white painted enamel one. Of significant volume, and bearing an outdoor-inspired brand logo, this mug was purchased by me as it looked hipster (but mainly to get an online order over the threshold for free delivery). 

There you have it, my thoughts on tea (and mugs. And how to try get back to sleep).