On Reading...agian

Published on Sep 8, 2020

As I have written, the weekend was full of flying around in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As I had to work again today, it wasn't the case for today for obvious reasons.

I recently won a book in a "reading circle group" I'm in on Facebook. I have to read it till the mid of October and need to write a small revue (if I remember correctly 500 words) for the website of the group.

I calculated that I would need to read about 9 pages a day for the first two chapters (the goal set by the end of the week), which isn't really much, and after reading the foreword, I'm already past that count.

I have to admit, I'm already hooked on the book. And I've only read the foreword. :)

I also really enjoy that I got the book before it will be released next week. It feels really special to have something in my hands only a few other people also have.

For the curious, the book is called "Das Experiment sind wird" by Christian Stöcker. Obviously it is written in German and has 384 pages. It is about many different things. A few main themes: AI, Computers, Climate change and world population.

It will be a really interesting read.