On my mind: 21st May 2020

Published on May 22, 2020

Prompted by Corey Gwin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/corey_gwin/status/1263568872260567040?s=21

Today is my girlfriends birthday. I’ve booked today and tomorrow off work, booking the Friday because it gives me a 5 day weekend with the bank holiday on Monday.

I planned to make the birthday special, without being able to go anywhere - pamper time!

She had a great day. I made breakfast in bed, afternoon tea, meatballs and tagliatelle for tea. I got her a home made box of pamper stuff - creams, face masks, bath bombs, etc. Hopefully she feels special. She seems very happy after her foot massage.

I’ve been busy - cooking, cleaning, running about, but I’ve had a great day too.

Yesterday was stressful. I made a huge life changing decision. I’m glad I have the weekend to cool down.

I’ve been busy. Too busy. It’s nice to have time to slow down before life inevitably gets hectic again. Next week might be one of the hardest weeks, mentally, that I‘ve had for a while.